"If someone truly loves you, they won't tell you love stories, they will make a love story with you" -Anonymous. 

Kristin + Ben's relationship defines this quote. As they were surrounded by their loved ones, on what some would describe as the perfect summer day - these two incredible people celebrated and honored their love story by becoming one - as husband and wife. The pure joy and love they share with each other was truly inspiring to witness, both as a friend and a photographer.

During their ceremony we witnessed a unique gift giving. Both a first for us to witness, and also a truth that renders in every marriage. The first - a calculator. Everyone was puzzled for a moment, until the officiant explained - "This calculator represents the ideation of keeping count in a relationship." Counting things such as - "I've done more chores than them this month" or "I paid more bills than them," etc. Life isn't defined by the "counts" we do, but rather how we get through life as a team, as a unit, as one. The officiant explained further - that as an act of promising to NOT keep count in their marriage, she wanted Kristin and Ben to destroy this calculator. She had them do so not only as a promise to each other, but as a statement in front of their loved ones of the standard they were to hold their marriage in - now and forever. The second gift - an ornament "C" to hang in their home, to serve as a reminder to all who enter that - from that day forward they are an official team. Team Clark. This simple gift giving had such a powerful meaning behind it, and left a lasting impression for everyone in attendance. 

During the rest of the evening - we got to hear the couple's stories, loved one's speeches, and celebrate with the couple in their new beginning of marriage. And it is safe to say - the Clark's sure know how to put a party on!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us Kristin and Ben! Natasha and I loved working with you, and once again extend to you our congratulations - and best wishes in this new chapter! 


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